Seattle pre-History

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(All of the below information has been added to the timeline, with a few slight changes to make everything fit the 'stretched out' timeline'.)

* First transcontinental train arrives in Seattle on January 7th.
* DawnOSeanassy becomes de facto Prince of the Seattle domain. Seattle is a domain Independent from the affairs of Camarilla or Sabbat.

* Gaslight Lounge becomes Elysium

* Legendary Brujah member Anton Mikel is known to reside in the city, and becomes Sheriff. This begins the formation of the Seattle court, culminating with the creation of the first Primogen council in the 30's. Several Primogen are Primogen of One.

* Future Prince Andric becomes Toreador Primogen

* A scandal involving the Tremere and a Kindred's destruction prompts Prince O'Seanassy to step down, naming Andric as her successor. Andric declares the domain to be Camarilla.

* Kell Stormguard becomes Gangrel Primogen, then is passed Sheriff when AntonMeikel steps down.
* Elysium is broken for the first time, by a successful Sabbat attack on the Toreador Primogen.
* EricBachman proclaims himself Independent Prince of Tacoma
* Jack Griffin becomes Toreador Primgoen.
* The Followers of Set destroy Andric, and Kell Stormguard siezes Praxis, names Bran MacMourne his Seneschal, and the domain to be Independent.
* Bran MacMourne becomes Prince of Tacoma when an unfortunate accident destroys ErikBachman. Richard Trevethick replaces him as Seattle Seneschal.
* Don Faust arrives

* Kell Stormguard demands blood tests of the population, fearing Setite infiltration
* Deaths increase in Prince Kell's reign, including some court members.
* Setite Teppoudama slays Princes MacMourne and Stormguard, is himself slain in the process
* Andric resurfaces and reclaims Praxis of Seattle and Tacoma, retaining Richard Trevethick as Seneschal
* The Irregulars arrive, many are concerned about Praxis as they conflict with Prince and Seneschal after their success in combating the Sabbat. Their leader is destroyed for violating the Sixth Tradition.

* Gaslight reopens for a time, before disappearing.
* Anton Meikel disappears, possibly destroyed
* Seneschal Trevethick dies in attack on Sabbat infiltrator.

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