Smiling Jack

Smiling Jack is the quintessential Anarch Elder, which is to say that almost the entire Anarch Movement venerates his name, and he just doesn't give a damn. Politicos and warmongers among the Camarilla cannot deny that the Camarilla's tentative toehold on the Anrach Free States throughout California and Oregon would have long ago come to fruition were it not for the machinations of this single Kindred and his almost childlike love of foiling the Camarilla's best laid plans for subtle domination.

More difficult still is nailing down the whereabouts of this elusive Elder (or Older as the Anarchs call him) who has been accused of having doubles and dopplegangers througout the free-states, all claming to be the origional Jack. Whether this is by design, or simply an attempt by idealist Anarchs to copy the ex-pirate's undefinable cool, it has proven a sturdy enough ploy that some of the Camarilla's best trackers have come up empty-handed when trying to locate him. Some believe that Jack has even gone so far as to embrace look-alikes so that a Tremere seeking to track him by blood will end up getting merely another hapless Neonate to question.

Jack has been declared to have met Final Death by every major sect; Sabbat, Camarilla and even Anarch at least once if not more, but still manages to pop up. Most recently he is wanted by the Camarilla for suspicion of deploying explosives to remove a Sabbat enclave in Los Angeles (an action which put a strain on the Masquerade), stealing an important Camarilla artifact (which one is never discussed) and is sought for questioning in the attempted assasination of the first Prince of Los Angeles, one Ventrue, Sebastian LaCroix who very shortly after the attempt, abdicated the Princedom to a Brujah and vowed never to return to Los Angeles again.

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