Thomas Mercer

As a mortal, Thomas Mercer was considered to be one of the founding fathers of the city of Seattle. Embraced as a Malkavian around 1882, he became known as Mad Tom. He suffers from a kind of vampire narcolepsy, whereby he falls alseep for long periods of time and wakes up again, sort of leap-frogging through time. He also is rumored to have claimed to talk to the city of Seattle as if it is a living entity.

Tom's timeline is not one where he's ever left Seattle, WA, he's literally never left since the city's founding, rather it's just marked by brief periods of wakefulness (sometimes mere nights) and longer periods of Torpor (often years).

Embraced 1882 by J. Benison Hodge
Entered Torpor in 1900
Awoke in 1920
Entered Torpor in 1922
Awoke in 1929
Entered Torpor in 1931
Awoke in 1937
Entered Torpor in 1941
Awoke in 1945
Entered Torpor in 1946
Awoke in 1952
Entered Torpor in 1953
Awoke in 1961
Entered Torpor in 1969
Awoke in 1973
Entered Torpor in 1977
Awoke in 1980
Entered torpor in 1983
Awoke in 1992
Entered torpor in 1993
Awoke in 2008-Present


Aunt Bedelia
J. Benison Hodge
Thomas Mercer AKA Mad Tom
Leilani Kalakaua (Childer)

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