Vancouver British Columbia

Supposedly Camarilla Domain (Closer to Independent):

Prince - Siegfried, Clan Ventrue
Seneschal - Lady Johanna Byerly, Clan Tremere

Gretel Von Kirk, Nosferatu

Character History:

Darnell Doyle resides here from 2002 to 2007

Eugene Krantz 2005 - 2006: arrived after a one-night stopover in Seattle. Nominally reestablished himself as a member of the Camarilla after living amongst the Anarchs as an Independent for the previous eight decades. Left in the summer of 2006 when the political and social climate of the city became dangerous.

WoD History:

Vancouver is a unique domain, in that it is one of the few domains that not only recognizes the existance of Lupines and Cathayans, but maintains treaties with each, and actually manages to maintain an uneasy peace with the Sabbat. For centuries the Lupine Treaty has held, and since the arrival of the Cathayan Court, it has been maintained with them as well. Prior to the Sabbat attack in 2003, Siegfried's domain was staunchly Independent. It is believed however that in payment for the assistance with the Sabbat (and perhaps certain intelligence on his strange allies) Siegfried capitulated to naming his domain for the Camarilla. Residents of the domain however, know that the enigmatic Ventrue's allegiences are not so easily classified.

2003 - Sabbat forces sack the Vancouver Domain, slaughtering all but a few members of it's Kindred court to a man. Prince Siegfried is missing and presumed dead or captured.
2004 - Prince Siegfried resurfaces and with the aid of Malkavian Justicar Maris Streck and Nosferatu warlord Calebros (and it is rumored as well as both Cathayan and Lupine allies), Vancouver is retaken and the majority of the Sabbat are routed.
2005 - Siegfried negotiates a treaty with the Sabbat for a cessation of hostilities. A tenuous peace is gained.

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