Victoria Ash

Victoria is the current Prince of the New York, NY Domain.

After being instrumental in minimising the damage caused by the Sabbat's fierce Siege of Atlanta, GA Victoria Ash became a renowned Toreador among her peers and excelled in the 'art' of politics.

When she was practically handed the position of the Prince of New York after the city was retaken from the Sabbat, however, she turned it down for reasons no one is quite sure of.

The snub to the ruling council in New York was so great however, that when Victoria returned to Paris, France her status soared, as few had ever dared to turn down a princdom in so dramatic a fashion.

Though she turned the position down, and evantually became the Prince of the New York Domain after Calebros's 'abdication', rumor has it that she has it out for Calebros because of his manipulations regarding the position.

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