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Note: Emerald City Chronicles does not generally allow characters to be created with an embrace date prior to the dark ages (about 1100-1200 AD), however the information listed below may be of use to someone who wishes to research their great-great-grandsire's lineage.

1 - Lucian is embraced.
6th cent. - The Prophet Muhammand and his followers bring most of the tribes of te Arabian Penisule under their control and the religion of Islam. [WoD, p68]
9 - German leader Arimnius defeats Roman army with help from the Get of Fenris.
12 - Rebekah is embraced by Elihu [CbN2, p145]
19 - Aine is born. [WoD, p30]
33 - Death of Christ.
33 - The Malkavians claim that their greatest practical joke happen during this year, when they perform a bit of graverobbing in Jerusalem. [VTDA, p86]
33 - While Christ is being Crucifixed, a young Gypsie steels one of the nails, and was told by Jesus that his family will be free of the commandment "Thou shault not steal". Gypsie Folklore. [GYP, p39]
33 - "Set himself vanished from the world (likely to escape being a casualty of the Jyhad). Before he disappeared, Set promised his followers that he would eventually return in all his dark glory." [PG2, p122] [VTDA, p60]
37 - Caligula is the new Emperor of Rome. [WoD, p71]
37 - Setites manipulate the Romans into attacking the Nabataean Kingdom. [WoD, p71]
43 - Claudius undertakes the conquest of England. [WoD, p9]
47 - Aine is embraced by Bhallaire of clan Nosferatu. [WoD, p30]
66 - The Toreador take control of Nero when he visits Greece. The Ventrue try to regain control but cause him to be come insane (unless the Malkavians also tried to control him…)
79 - Mt. Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii. Menele performed a rite to summon elementals of fire. Helena escapes to Egypt.
87 - Gotsdam is embraced by Tiamat [BldH, p38]
106 - Emperor Trajan finally conquors the Nabataeans. [WoD, p71]
106 - It was during this time that the Assamite clan saw a warrior know as Talaq. They deceide to embrace him. [WoD, p71]
117 - The Roman Empire is at the height of power.
132 - Horus moves to the Alps to make it a Mummy stronghold. [Mummy, p64]
3rd cent. - Due to the Setties manlipuations the Roman empire starts to tear itself apart. [Cb-S, p17]
200 - Mayan Society starts to florish.
325 - Ventrue forced Emperor Constantine to call the Nicaean Council, but were unable to influence any of the decisions made. [Cb-V, p18]
378 - Siegfried is embraced by Regulus [DAV, p97]
400 - Doissetep becomes the center for Magickal learning.
410 - Roman influence over England all but dies. [WoD, p10]
413 - The Cainite Heresy is founded by a Byzantine priest called Procopius. [VTDA, p48]
439 - The Kiasyd bloodline is created and breaks away from the Lasombra clan.
476 - Rome falls to attacking barbarians, due to the efforts of the Brujah.
483 - Inyanga is embraced by Esemkofu [CbN2, p86]
500 - The begining of the dark ages.
510 - The Cult of Enlightenment is formed.
515 - Guillaume is embraced by Hannibal of clan Brujah. [WoD, p56]
541 - Bubonic Plague hits Europe.
565 - First sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, Scotland.
594 - The Bubonic Plague ends after killing 1/2 of Europe's population.
597 - Saint Augustine goes to England to convert the people. [WoD, p10]
600 - Mayan society suffers a period of decline.
600'ish - Due to the collapse of the Roman Empire, some Toreador elders slip into torpor, hoping to awaken in another time of debauchery and excess. [VTDA, p89]
632 - The prophet Muhammed dies. [WoD, p68]
754 - The Cainite Heresy was uncovered and declared anathema, due to errors made by a group in Ostia. But by now, the Cainite worship was to extensive to destroy. [VTDA, p48]
771 - Charlemagne begins to form his empire.
793 - The first recorded Viking raid on England takes place off the Northumbrian coast. [WoD, p11]
800 - The Ahl-i-Batin reveal their Plan of Unity to the other Traditions. They form the first Council of Nine. The Artificers move their HQ to Arabia. Algoritmi invents our modern 10 decimal math system.
800 - Charlemagne is crowned emperor of all Europe by Pope Leo III.
800 - Doissetep is taken over by usurper Mages. It is moved to Turkey.
806 - The sword of Nul returns. It winds up in Bayt Al-Himah "the house of wisdom" where it sits on a shelf.
812 - Ventrue control of Christianity reaches its height with Charlemagne. [Cb-V, p20]
840 - Norwegians in Ireland founded a city which became Dublin. [WoD, p11]
848 - The Magus Tremere was narrowly prevented from taking control of the entire Order of Hermes. [Cb-Tr, p15]
866 - The Danes take York and begin to colonize north of England. [WoD, p11]
878 - Alfred the Great of Wessex wins the battle at Edgington and forces the Danes to agree to a frontier. [WoD, p11]
879 - The Cainite Heresy worship has become formalised. [VTDA, p48]
10th cent. - Only the Akashic Brotherhood, Ahl-i-Batin, and Order of Hermes (which existed as a federation of sparate Houses). [VTDA, p253]
10th cent. - 12th cent. - The Toreador started to lose control of Byzantium to the Brujah, leading to Byzantium collapse. [Cb-To, p13]
900 - The Mound-Builder empires centered on Cahokia in the mississippi valley starts to florish.
900 - Doissetep is taken over by what will become the Order of Hermes. It is again moved. This time to Spain.
911 - Norwegians in France are granted land. The Duchy of Normandy is born. [WoD, p11]
932 - 'The Ghosts of the Five Tigers' occult group is founded in the Zhejian Providance of China.
963 - Ublo-Satha is embraced by Harlequin [CbN2, p122]
1000 - The Order of Hermes first identifies the loss of magick in the world and realizes that it may have something to do with the Order of Reason. [Cb-Tr, p15]
1000 - Entire Viking world accepts Christianity. [WoD, p11]
1000 - Pueblo Indians withdraw to canyon and cliff communities.

  • - Mayan civilation begins to rise again in the Yucatan.
  • - Leif Ericson discovers Vinland

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