Yuri Ribsic

Trade: Linguist

Known Languages:
Romanian - Native
Arabic, Austrian, Bulgarian, Chinese - Mandarian, Egyptian - Modern, English, French, Gaelic, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Slovic, Spanish

Time Line:
1749: Mortal Birth
1791: Ghouled by Annalisa (Brujah)
1799: Embraced by Benjamin Harding (Ventrue)
1811: Released by Benjamin Harding (Ventrue)
1849: Traveled with Benjamin Harding (Ventrue)
1860: In Romania -Entered voluntary torpor/sleep
1880: Awoke from voluntary torpor/sleep
1881: In Romania - Killed Tzimisci
1882: In Romania - Last mortal family member killed by wraith
1882: In Romania - Entered voluntary torpor/sleep
1899: In Romania - Awoke from voluntary torpor/sleep
1900: In Frankfort, Germany - Established
1901: In Frankfort, Germany - Became kindred court translator
1956: Traveled with Jeromy Dunston (Ventrue) [grand-sire] and William (Ventrue) [kindred uncle]
1980: In Frankfort, Germany - Re-established
2002: In New York, NY - Helped family with the Camarilla retake of New York, NY
2005: In Seattle, WA - Established
2006: Ghouled Dr. Larry Dalton
2006: Ghouled …
2006: Death of Ghoul Dr. Larry Dalton
2006: Given Ventrue Ghoul Kobe
2007: In ??? - Reassigned

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